Community Leadership Roles

The 2011 MKP Canada East Council Members are:

Jean-Marc Bouchard Center Director
Steve Adams Finance Coordinator
Jean-François Picard Community coordinator
Jean-François Larose Outreach coordinator
Brian Richardson LKS Representative
Drury Heffernan Leader’s Body
Bob Antonik Elder’s Body
Bruce Rosove i-Groups Coordinator
Guy Desfossés Mission Coordinator

The roles of each of the Council Members are:
Centre Director:

  • To hold King energy for the Centre, maintaining the vision and providing strategic direction.
  • Propose and develop agendas for Centre and council meetings.
  • Conduct Centre and council meetings.
  • Ensure accountability of council members and support council members to the responsibilities of their positions and to the commitments they have made.
  • To oversee the mentoring process so that all council positions have
    one or more successors receiving active mentorship.
  • Serve as political and public representative of the Mankind Project
    and the community at large, or designating a man or men to
    perform these role under his direction.
  • Coordinate the preparation of the annual operating plan and budget with the Treasurer and other responsible executive council members.
  • In coordination with the Council will fill any vacant position in the
    most expeditious manner possible.

Multi-Cultural Representative     

  • Maintain vigilance and identify Multi-Cultural issues within the community
  • Represent MKP Est Canada East to greater MKP organization Multi-Cultural Chair

Lodge Keeper Society Representative      

  • Coordinating community sweat lodges – schedules, materials, location
  • Act as contact for lodge inquiries & announce lodge activity to Est Canada East community
  • Represent MKP Est Canada East to Canada and greater MKP organization Lodge Keeper Society

Elder Council Chair          

  • Chair MKP Est Canada East Elder Council
  • Advise MKP Est Canada East Leaders on individual and community issues (Shadow Chair)
  • Represent MKP Est Canada East to Canada Elder Council and greater MKP organization

Integration Coordinator

  • Coordinate Integration trainings for MKP Est Canada East – schedules, administration, staffs
  • Assist men in staffing Integration trainings, both local and the greater MKP organization
  • Assist men integrating into MKP Est Canada East I-Groups
  • Represent MKP Est Canada East to greater MKP organization I-Group Council and gatherings

Outreach Coordinator    

  • Facilitate Outreach and Enrollment efforts by each man in MKP Est Canada East
  • Organize Homecoming and other MKP Est Canada East community gatherings
  • Keep Outreach in community consciousness at meetings and communications
  • Represent MKP Est Canada East to greater MKP organization Outreach Chair and gatherings


  • Responsible for maintaining community funds with accounting & reporting at scheduled business meetings
  • Gather funds from I-Group treasurers and disburse approved expenses
  • Coordinate scholarship funds for Est Canada East men attending NWTA’s
  • Reporting of MKP Est Canada East activity to MKP Canada treasurer


  • Create minutes of meetings and record Leadership Team activity and decisions
  • Act as MKP Est Canada East information resource for leaders and community
  • Maintain community contact list (and administer MKP Est Canada East web activity w/Communications Coord)

Community Coordinator

  • Coordinate MKP Est Canada East business meetings and activities
  • Act as contact for MKP Est Canada East to local community
  • Manage MKP Est Canada East leaders to fulfill roles and responsibilities
  • Represent MKP Est Canada East to MKP Canada Center Director and greater MKP organization