I –Groups of Canada East Centre of the Mankind Project

I-Groups are available to any man who would like to grow by sharing with other men.  They are one of the activities developed by the Mankind Project.
Here is what one man said about the value to him of sitting in an I- Group:

“I sit in a men’s circle … because I need to regularly sit in a sacred place where I am accepted for who I am and my particular gifts and contributions are accepted for what they are.  And I believe in creating these spaces for others….”


  • Ottawa: The Bytown I Group

This Group meets Tuesday evenings from Sept to June and most evenings through the summer.
There are 20 men signed up to this Group.  On average 6 -8 men attend each evening.
We meet in a member’s home.  The location of the meeting changes.

To find out more about how our Group works, where the meeting will be in a given week and to get directions please contact:

Bruce Rosove at 613 233 8013; email Bruce.Rosove@Rogers.com


  • Montreal (French): Coeurs de Guerriers

This Group meets every first and third Monday evenings of each month.
There are 16 men signed up to this Group.  On average 6 -8 men attend each evening.
They meet at St-Pierre-Apôtre Church, on René Lévesque Street.

To find out more about our Group, please contact:

Jean-François Larose at 514-382-9857 solare@videotron.ca