The Mankind Project and Women

Wives, girlfriends, mothers and daughters have seen the light return in the eyes of the men they love. For many women, the New Warrior Training Adventure marks the beginning of, or return to, the relationship they always wanted with the men in their lives. Women are often our strongest allies when they witness the change that is possible.

We need extraordinary men and women to face the problems in the world together, full partners in the work of restoring our society. We don’t need subservience, dominance or timidity. We don’t need a return to the ‘good ol days’, we need to bravely forge ahead with fresh wisdom and all of our combined skills and talents. We need powerful people, no matter what gender.

If you haven’t read the history of MKP, one of the important ideas that went into the founding of this organization was that men and women needed tools that would help them thrive in relationship. The men of MKP are able to create powerful partnerships with women based in equality, self-reliance and respect. Emotional intelligence, the ability to express feelings, the confidence to set boundaries with gentleness, the openness to share vulnerability with less defensiveness or anger – all these are lessons that we teach in MKP.

  • There is no guarantee that attending the New Warrior Training Adventure will make a man kinder or more able to create and maintain intimacy … but years of research have shown that the men who participate in our men’s groups experience significantly less gender conflict than their peers who have not done this work.
  • There is also no guarantee that attending the NWTA will make a man more likely to take charge of his life, take responsible risks and step into a powerful and grounded masculinity … but tens of thousands of men have done so.

The work of MKP helps a man learn to relate, to himself and everyone in his life, with a deeper sense of compassion and generosity.