In this page, you will find testimonies of men who have participated in the New Warrior Training Adventure and how this experience changed their lives.

This page will grow over time, as more men will share their experience.

Anestis Lampsos, Ottawa, Ontario
Initiated in May 2013, Camp Kanawana, St-Sauveur

August 24, 2013
I would like to thank you again for profound gift of helping to put together the May NWTA of which I was an initiate. The healing, growth, and strength that I experienced through the weekend and especially by applying what I learnt from the weekend in my day to day life has given me the empowerment, strength, and self love I have been seeking all my life. I got in touch with and became the man within in a way I’ve never known before. I’m very grateful, thank you, thank you, thank you for helping to organize that weekend.

Wife of a man initiated in May 2013, Mauricie, Québec.
Camp Kanawana, St-Sauveur

August 19, 2013
Hello to you all,

The day is a bit chaotic … Soon is the end of the holidays for the children, they are full of energy and are a little stressed … We had a great weekend full of activities and our four small bees would like to keep it that way! But it’s Monday, the parents have to work! We try, my husband and I, somehow, work at home with them buzzing around… Tomorrow I will preside over a board which I will present my annual report for adoption … I also would have preferred that the holidays never end!

I’m telling you all this to give all the importance to what I am writing now. In this flurry of activity, the day after my wedding anniversary, on the eve of losing my father, I have the urge to talk about my husband.

Why you? Because I want to witness his transformation, in connection with your meetings and your impact on my life and the lives of my family.

I do not hide it, I’m a fairly radical feminist. I has long denounced the systemic oppression of women by men … but it’s been a while I realized that the system also oppresses men … And I adore men! They have played and play a very important role in my life, they oblige me to push myself. They motivate me. They have this energy for action that fascinates me. I always loved how there “stumbles” not in the flowers of the carpet with them and how a “well, that’s enough” may terminate my undue delay.

However, I have often lamented that the men who coasted along by me did not have a lot of words, voice, for their feelings, they often neglect their inner experiences or rather we did not think to tell them that we wanted to hear them… With my boys, my close friends, my lovers, I often played a “translator” role between our two worlds, male and female, between the head and the heart… A friend of mine has told me a great compliment … “It is clear in my head when you listen to me!”

In my feminist, political and spiritual journey, I often attended single-gender activities, and I recognize their benefits. I also lived abroad, in a more traditional settings where the lives of women and men is well separated, I have found out, in the Western World, a great deal pressure on today’s couples while the community disintegrates, spouses should be all one for the other.
my husband and I do not live in the area where we grew up and life has brought us to settle relatively far from our families… we are rather isolated and with four children and work, time for friends is limited… moreover I saw in a very good eye that my husband has a group of men with whom to share his experiences and emotions.

Anyway, I started already convinced that your meeting would be good to him good … But I did not know to what degree!!! And I had not thought it would be good to me too…

I know my husband for eight years and I love it for has long. My joy is always renewed, to acknowledge that our love is alive, it eats, breathes, and grows. I loved often, but I never had the opportunity to achieve that much with someone. I was not ready, I was hurt, I did not know how to do it. I had impossible “relational patterns” … but basically … I had not met The right one… Living with my husband means among other things for me: accelerate my growth, tame my fears and shadows, become a better person.

I think we are experiencing the true power of love. Oh, it is not perfect … But yes in fact … it actually is … Perfect, even in difficult times and false … That was what was needed for us … (and I do not know if I would recommend to someone so much intensity!!!)

Since you met, and even more since he made the weekend warrior, I noticed changes. In his attitude and in his words the whole is more obvious. The other day, in a rather casual conversation, my husband spoke of someone … he ended his sentence, made a little break and said, “Well, that’s how I want it to be.» And this is brand new in my husband and it makes me one of these effects… I’m in heaven! … No false humility, no excessive pride, a small comment, a little phrase which enlightens everything…

Because I know one must be strong to be humble, one must have confidence in oneself, you have to laugh at yourself, you must understand your small place in the world … What wisdom gained at once! And then I think to myself that we will move even further … We will laugh at our two big egos … We will positioned ourselves differently facing the world … my husband will fight against this unpleasant role that we gives to men to take a place super important of decision making where opinion and personal experience are the masters of everything … A role that women also yearn for too …

And then there’s this new attitude with the kids … “I gave my word and I’ll hold to it…” “I have spoken! The point was clear. “And then, its calm … Wow!

And the new listening that he have whit them, he hears what they have to say. He teaches my little wolves the value of the just word by his own example. And between you and I, it does not please me to say so, but when dad says something, it is not the same as when mom said something … The impact is not the same …

I could also tell you a lot more of these little details that make all the difference. I feel he is better with himself, I feel him moving, I feel a healing energy. I think he authorized himself to love himself a little more, to judge himself a little less, and he makes us good. I am proud of my man. And more in love.

I wrote to thank you for taking the time in between you men to confide and open up and to tell you that when you accompany my husband, there is a whole family derives happiness. I would also hope that when he listens to you and support you, he create happiness among you. I salute your courage to go against the established models, stereotypes that hurt.

I see a lot of hope for our society in your approach for my sons growing up trying to find out what it’s like to be a man, and also for my daughters witch I wish to find magnificent warriors on their way.

From my hands and my heart of a midwife, mother, daughter and wife, I offer all my gratitude, my support and admiration.

Men, I wish you a good evening!